C'est moi

Contact me at raiseldaisel (at) gmail (dot) com

Late 30's (just barely pre-40), very happily married to the best person on the planet, nay the universe.  Many four-legged children and am really hoping to have one of the two-legged variety.

Still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up - I want to do something significant but don't know what that is...I'm eagerly seeking a new path for myself that includes creative, meaningful, interesting opportunities.

Trying to live simply and green-ish (my kryptonite are long showers and paper towels - I am weak in their presence).  I love the mountains and being outside.  Amateur gardener, etsy addict, mildly crafty, mediocre cook.  I think I'm funny (I think I'm a HOOT!) - not everyone gets me.  

Challenges, yep, I've had a few - thank god for my anti-depressant.  I've also been, and am, tremendously fortunate.  I love and am loved by some pretty terrific people.  I love fiercely and am loyal to and protective of those who are most important to me.  I'm a tad (!) on the intense side and am not one for superficial relationships in my personal life.

I'm trying to find and use my voice.