Sunday, July 3, 2011


Internet-fixer-person was here last Sunday because it had gone down suddenly and inexplicably.  Then it pooped out again this past Friday.  What UP with that?  J. was nearly frantic Friday.  He hates to make phone calls about this kind of thing so I have to call and I have no idea what to say except, "I dunno.  It's broke, I guess.  Jest broke."  He claims he doesn't know any more than I do about computers which is a GI-GANTIC load of bullshit. 

So, last Saturday I was on the phone with the ISP and the technician is explaining to me what to do to check the connection.  J. is hissing in my ear that he has already tried that and that and also that.  I'm relaying back to her what he's telling me, all the while giving him the stink eye because why exactly do I have to do this when I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground??  I'm mouthing curse words at him and giving him the finger while trying to answer her questions and follow her directions.  Finally I'm so annoyed that I tell her that he knows what he's talking about but he won't get on the phone and I am having to stumble through this and he is really pissing me off.  At this point she's probably thinking, oh great, we've got a domestic here, and she schedules an appointment for the next day for someone to make a visit.  I'm wondering if we're somehow flagged in the system - something like "These two were fussing at each other while on the phone with technician.  Tread lightly and make sure you can see an exit at all times."  Of course the next morning we're all lovey dovey when the technician arrives ("Where do you want to go for breakfast?"  "No, where do you want to go for breakfast?").  After an hour-and-a half, the modem has been replaced and we're good to go.  Order has been restored...

...until this past Friday.  This time I told J that I was not going to call the ISP, no way, no how.  If he wants internet, he'll have to man up.  We took the laptop to a coffee shop yesterday so he could use the wifi and do "research" so he would be prepared with all kinds of "rule outs" when he finally called ... which he never did.  He spent so much time "researching" and futzing around that I gave in and called this morning.  They sent out a tech, and the guy fixed it in 20 minutes - the modem was attached to the wrong power cord by last weekend's tech.

Order has been restored (again).  I think.


  1. i hate when this type of shit happens

  2. Lynn - I know! I'm not sure which is more annoying, the lack of internet and dealing with the ISP or my husband's tizzy.