Saturday, April 16, 2011

Out of sync

J. and I are a bit out of sync right now. At least that's what he said. I don't know that I feel the same way, but if he feels it and I don't, I guess we are...right? I've felt out of sync twice in our marriage - where we just weren't matching up emotionally and mentally. It worried me a bit at the time, but it passed. Mostly it was just irritating and I felt like "Get on the same page with me already, wouldja?"

We've got some stuff going on ... not bad stuff, just some changes, and maybe the stress is seeping into our "us"-ness. One of the changes, which we just learned of Thursday is that HE. GOT. A. NEW JOB. Halle-fucking-lujah. We have been waiting for this for awhile. Over two years in fact. He finished his Masters over two years ago and, quelle surprise, there is NOT a huge market for those with an MA in History. What!? I can hardly believe it (as an aside, I have my Masters in Counseling so, apparently, we chose to "Master" the lowest paying fields IN THE WHOLE WORLD. Couple of g.d. geniuses, right here.) He's been employed, more or less, since he graduated but it has been part-time, grant-funded, blahblahblah, so we've been broke-ass broke. His new job will help TRE-MEND-OUSLY.

Unfortunately I can't quit my job which is a major freaking stressor - not because of the work itself (which is just mind-numbingly dull) but because I work with the most dillweed-y group of people who ever lived. I exaggerate not. I have never met a more egotistical, narcissistic, power-hungry self-important bunch of boobs who enjoy nothing more than a good cluster fuck. Our "leadership" (*choke*) routinely works more than 40 hours/week and accomplishes less than if they had been sitting with their thumbs up their asses ... which, considering the number of meetings they are in each week, may be exactly what they are doing. They then spend a good amount of time congratulating themselves and each other on their successful ass-thumbing. These are the people who give government workers a bad name.

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