Sunday, February 6, 2011

Like a blind date for couples

Last night J. and I went to our first meet-up event.  It is designed for couples to meet and hang out with other couples and do couple-y things (no, this is not a group for swingers - that's not my bag, baby).  I've wanted to go for several months and usually chickened out a day or two before (once I think we had a legitimate reason for not going but the other times were purely because I am chicken shit).

We moved to this area almost seven years ago and it has been so hard to meet people.  In the past I have made friends through school or work but my current job, which I've held since we moved here, does not provide for stimulating company.  Bluntly stated, I work with a bunch of nimrods.  While I'm sure Cracker Barrel is a fine dining establishment, I like to set my sights a little higher ('cause I'm fancy like that).

Anywho, this is a long-winded way of explaining how we got involved in this blind date thing.  The site for the meet-up was a fancy hotel that has piano bar.  It is a beautiful place and we had never been to a piano bar, so what the hey?  The price of drinks was outrageous - $4.00 for a Bud Lite (again, 'cause I'm fancy) - and the piano to was kind of like the SNL skit with Bill Murray as a lounge singer, singing the theme from "Star Wars."  Yeah, painful.

It ended up being a nice evening, if somewhat awkward.  J. and I are both pretty shy and are more comfortable in groups of say four, not 24.  The best part of the evening was when it was over and we went to an all-night burger place to get burgers and cheese fries, just the two of us.   


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  1. That piano bar is a joke. That hotel is overrated unless you're super mega rich & can go to the spa to get your body rubbed & polished. I can already tell you're awesome because 1) You like David Sedaris 2) You used the words chicken shit. 3) You support Violence Unsilenced.

    Thanks for your comment! Maybe I'll see you around. :)