Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cabin fever

We have been at home for four days because of inclement weather (well, yesterday and today because of inclement weather, and Saturday and Sunday because of sit-on-our-ass-itis).  I'm starting to go a little stircrazy but it is helping me tap into my creative side.  For instance, today alone I replaced the innards of one cheap made-in-China (broken) timepiece with the innards of another cheap made-in-China (not broken) timepiece.  In replacing the innards (I like using that word), I had to use the hands from the non-broken clock which are white and don't show up well against the background of the repaired clock...so I painted the hands!  Am I skilled or what!?

I trimmed the beard and eyebrows of one of my terriers as he could no longer see and his beard was so disgusting, it looked like he had a week's worth of compost in it (and he probably did).

I'm thinking about organizing my box of miscellaneous beads next.  Stay tuned!

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