Tuesday, July 6, 2010


On Friday, after two interviews, I was offered the job that I applied for in June.  I haven't accepted it yet.  It is certainly not my dream job, but it would get me out of my current work environment.


1. it is not my current job and NOT MY CURRENT BOSS
2. opportunity for advancement
3. would work in three different offices - one with more coworker interactions, two with very little - I like the idea of having some time on my own as well as time working with others
4. 2 days/week I would be working close to home
5. 2 days/week I would get to work in A-ville
6. direct client contact in a work environment that is different than other types of work I have done
7. private company = less government bureaucracy bullshit
8. see #1


1. less pay
2. fewer benefits, including no insurance for J.
3. less time off
4. might have a "sales-y" aspect to it
5. direct client contact again - I feel so rusty!
6. private company = less stable?

I just don't know...

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