Sunday, April 4, 2010

christmas cactus in april

This plant, which cost me 75 cents after Christmas, is blooming beautifully.  It is so pleasing to me!  I'm not much of a gardener but I like to futz around with plants.  I usually buy them on sale so if I kill them I haven't wasted much money.  I also have very clear rules for my plants:  
  • You have to be okay with inconsistent waterings and roots choked in the pot.  Be patient.  I'll get to you eventually.
  • You may prefer part-sun or part-shade but I don't really know the difference so you'll live where I plant you.
  • I have a lot of dogs and I'll more or less try to keep them away from you but no promises.
  • Bottom line - you must be hearty and self-sufficient 'cause I'm not gonna baby you.

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