Sunday, April 18, 2010

broke ass mountain

That's where we're living these days.  Boy oh boy, is this ever getting old.  The main culprit is our debt - old, rotten credit card debt.  I am hopeful that we will reach a point where we no longer have this debt but we have a long way to go.  I have cancelled all of our credit cards except two and I try really hard not to use either of these.  The other expenses in our life are pretty manageable - we live in a small house with a very small mortgage payment; we have one car payment and one car that is paid off; we have been able to defer our student loans for a long time and I am concerned about the wallop when those kick in but I think even those we could manage if we could just get out from under this mountain of credit card debt.  I know we're not alone in this, we're just feeling the pinch these days.

Sometimes I am envious of those who have lots of money.  I grew up poor and have always been poor and I would really like a break.  The thing is, there's not much that I truly desire in terms of material goods.  I used to want a lot more, but I don't anymore. 
  • I want to be able to pay our bills and have some left over each month.  
  • I would like to have savings so that we can be prepared for car problems or other unexpected expenses.  
  • I want to update our house and add a half bathroom, finish our deck, add a fence for the dogs.  
  • I want to travel with my husband.  
  • I want to be able to help my younger siblings when they need it as they work their ways through college and onto their paths in life.
  • I don't need fancy jewelry or clothes.  I don't want a fancy car.  J. loves electronics and gadgets but he's pretty easy to rein in.  
 I know, it's just money.  I have what I need.  I want what I have.


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