Thursday, January 7, 2010

why I love my husband (part I)

One of my "resolutions" for this year is to try to do less multi-tasking and more "uni-tasking" - with email, Facebook, blogs, TV, and other distractions.  I find that I am all over the place sometimes and my brain feels jumbled and unsatisfied, like I'm only ever partially finishing things and not taking in the fullness of the experience.  It's okay for me to do each of these things, I just want to start doing them one at a time (I didn't come up with this on my own, it is based on an article I read in a Real Simple magazine last week).  

I do this at work, too - one project/task to the next before finishing the one I'm on and every time my email dings I stop what I'm doing to read it.  

I have heard, or read, something to the effect that every time we switch gears abruptly like this, it takes about 20 seconds to refocus our minds.  

SO: I was making eggs and bagels for dinner last night and checking email and eating cheese and talking to my husband and I said to myself, out loud, STOP.  And I took a deep breath and finished making dinner and talking with J.  I asked him later if he knows why I'm doing this and why I need to keep reminding myself to "uni-task."  

He said, "It is so you can be here now and live in the present."  He is amazing and he totally GETS ME.  He phrased it in a way that I had not thought of but that so very perfectly sums up what I am trying to do . . . be. here. now. 

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