Friday, January 15, 2010


1) We are broke:
  • lots of credit card debt
  • LOTS (an A.SSLOAD to use a technical term) of school loans
  • my husband has recently become unemployed (as of last month) through no fault of his own
  • our heating system does not work (this has been the coldest winter on record since 1993 - mother effing cold - with temps at or below freezing for close to a month)
2) We moved to this area five-and-a-half years ago and have made not a friend since moving here...not one...(NOT an a.ssload).

3) I despise my job and those with whom and for whom I work. 

4) We are both overweight, unhealthily so really.

And yet...

1) We are hanging in there financially.  We don't live an extravagant lifestyle and never have, but I have been guilty of spending money we didn't have, being careless and wasteful, and overall being irresponsible with money, hence the mountain of debt.  

We do own our house or rather about $6000 of it as the credit union owns the rest, and the mortgage payment is ridiculously low - we could not rent something for this price.  It is a very small house, two bedrooms, one bath, living room and kitchen, and that's it.  It needs lots of updating but it is a house and it is ours.  I lovingly refer to it as "our little sh.ithole."

2) I adore my husband.  ADORE him.  He is kind and gentle and funny and smart and takes such good care of me.  We have been married for over 10 years and he is the love of my life.  

We, as a couple, will make friends.  I will meet other smart, funny, interesting, slightly, or not-so-slightly, neurotic and off-kilter women.  Patience, grasshopper.

3) I have a job.  It actually pays okay for someone in the human services field.  It is in a comfortable office, I don't have to work with clients, and nothing about the actual work is difficult.

I am physically safe in my office and, as far as I know, my coworkers don't have any highly contagious diseases. 

4) We are just now beginning to start to attempt to try to be more careful about what we eat - less eating out, more awareness about what we are eating.  Exercise needs to come next.  

Our desire is for both of us to get to a healthy weight so that I can stop taking the meds I have been on for weight-related issues and we can try to have a baby, hopefully before I turn 40 (which is only 2+ years away).

5) We both have families who love us. 

6) It was in the 50's today and we took care of some necessary errands and enjoyed lunch out and being together. 

7) We are more than okay and I am grateful.

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